Coconut Island (Koh Maphrao)

14. March 2021Nok0

Coconut Island or Koh Maphrao is an islet (2.5 km x 1.5 km) located 500 metres off Phuket’s east coast. It facing Leam Hin, a popular seafood dining area just north of Phuket Town. Koh Maphrao is still rather undeveloped since there’s no electricity on the island, apart from private generators. As a result, it retains a genuine charm and is light years away from modern Phuket.

Highlights of Koh Maphrao

It takes around 5 minutes by longtail boat to reach Koh Maphrao’s main pier, located on the northern part of its west coast. Along the way, you’ll pass several famous floating restaurants between Laem Hin and Koh Maphrao’s jetty.

The island is roughly rectangular, with a good quarter of its southwestern covered with mangrove forests which are home to long-tailed macaques. A road goes through the island from west to east, starting at the pier and finishing at a viewpoint in the east-coast jungle.

The main village is located on the northern coast. Fishing and farming are the main occupations on the island. Rubber trees, local fruits and vegetables are grown in the central part of the island. There are only 3 easily reachable beaches on Koh Maphrao – the longest one is on the northern coast. You’ll find one on the southern coast, and the third beach on the east coast. Both beaches are rather tiny and surrounded by mangroves.


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