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Shimmer Beachfront Restaurant & Bar Kamala Beach Phuket | Thailand Directory
Twinpalms Montazure Hotel Kamala Beach
Shimmer Beachfront Restaurant & Bar Kamala Beach Phuket | Thailand Directory

Kamala Beach – Wide sandy beach with a lot of coziness

Kamala Beach, sometimes spelled Kammala Beach, is located in the village of the same name, Kammala, on the west coast of Phuket Island. The beach is easily accessible by car and scooter, and from the more southerly, popular resort of Patong, it is just under 10 km to Kamala Beach. In the village there are some larger hotels near the beach as well as smaller resorts, vacation apartments and hostels. Kammala is developed for tourism and has a lot to offer in terms of gastronomy and leisure activities, but at the same time it is still a village where the everyday life of the locals shapes the picture. However, during the high season from November to March, there are considerably more vacationers than locals on the beach.

The colorful promenade at Kamala Beach

Various accesses lead to the approximately 2 km long sandy beach, one of which leads through a public park with a market where street food can be bought, as well as clothing and souvenirs. Another access is further north at the beginning of a small boardwalk. There it is easy to find a parking place for the scooter directly on the beach. Parking for cars is available on the street. When you arrive at the beach, the first thing you notice are the colorful beach bars along the promenade. Their staff actively solicits guests on the promenade, but is usually not intrusive, but polite and friendly. There is something here for almost every taste and budget, and there is a wide selection from typical Thai dishes to international snacks and meals to freshly grilled meat and fish. Ice cream counters, delicious cocktails and coffee specialties are also included and one or the other location also offers vacationers the specialties of their homeland, for example German beer and English breakfast.

Kamala Beach – Comfortable and spacious sandy beach

Along the beach promenade there are also stores where you can stock up on beach equipment, beachwear and souvenirs. Here you will also find public toilets and showers, both for a small fee. In the area between the promenade and the beach there are palm trees. Here some restaurants have extended their terraces and serve their guests also on the beach loungers and chairs, which are in the natural shade. A much larger number of beach chairs and umbrellas are located directly on the beach and are rented out. However, Kamala Beach is wide and expansive enough not to seem cramped or beaten down by the beach furniture. The beach consists of fine white sand and is situated in a semi-circular bay, framed on the sides by rocks. The southernmost area is separated by the mouth of a creek, but in the dry season it does not carry enough water to reach the beach. In the rainy season, a footbridge crosses it.

Beach vacation for young and old at Kamala Beach

Swimming conditions at Kamala Beach are good, and the shallow entry into the water makes the beach popular with families with young children as well as the elderly. Some accommodations in the area specialize in hosting senior citizens who come here to escape the northern European winter. In keeping with this, some beach bars serve coffee and cake in the afternoon rather than cocktails and cold beer. But also young people, for whom the neighboring Patong is too wild, too hectic and perhaps also too expensive, feel comfortable at Kamala Beach. At the northern end of the beach, two elegant and stylish beach clubs have been built, where DJs sometimes play during the day and where parties regularly take place in the evenings, attracting vacationers and locals from all over the island.

Water sports, fun and action at Kamala Beach

If you feel like a little more action during the day, you can rent jet skis on the beach and enjoy the rush of speed on the water. Similarly wild is the banana boat. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, you can set sail on a kayak or standup paddle board. For a bird’s eye view of the beach, sign up for parasailing. Or get a bodyboard at the boardwalk to ride the small waves. To explore the underwater world, you can get diving goggles, snorkels and fins there as well.Or you can sign up right away at the friendly and competent local diving school near the beach and book either a course or a diving and snorkeling excursion with small groups and boats directly from the beach to the offshore islands and to the exciting diving areas of Phuket along the coast.

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